Text vs. Calling

Nothing irritates me more than texting. If it’s something quick that needs to get dealt with fine but if you want to go out, make a phone call. If you want to know how I am, make a phone call. If you have a question, CALL. If you want to gossip, CALL DAMMIT! 

I am not going to text you back paragraphs telling you “what’s new” or “did you know jenny blah blah blah” or “sure I’ll go out with you” NOPE. Forget it. Don’t count on it. Not gonna happen. The art of conversation is lost on idiotic texting. And, while we’re on the subject, you can’t even decipher someone’s tone by texting either! A simple “Hey” doesn’t tell me if your in a good or bad mood yet, weeks later I find suddenly that you were mad at me and I should have “known” because you text me f***n “Hey.” Huh? Really? 
Now, simple ideas that work for text are: does this outfit match? Also Sent with a pic to view my striped pants with my polka dotted half shirt. Or “ha! Check out backpack guy in airport with the kid on a leash” (also with a pic attached-obviously!!) or “thinking of you”, “your great” or even “your a douche stop texting me” simple one liners, or quickie witty comments, jokes, website addresses, or even directions work just fine for text.
But come on people… Get a clue! For me personally, I suck at returning texts as it is anyway, so add a dash of content that I find redundant or full of mindless rhetoric, in a text? It’s game over. In fact, keep your peepers wide for a post for how I feel about dating and texting. My guidelines and rules will help weed out the lazy asses from the good guys! Or, at the very least, be entertaining! ;-P 

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