Upon the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday and the re-release of “Christmastime” single. I am feeling pretty thankful and blessed. Sure, we could always focus on the negative things in our world, as we all have those swirling around us, but why the heck would ya want to do that?! My family and are sharing in some good old fashioned sing-offs, homemade pies, and eggnog! Yum! …Drunken sing-offs is probably all you’ve deducted from the previous sentence. HA! You’d be spot on in your assumption! Anyway, it’s always a good time, if you focus on that and not the redundant noise that some folks tend to put their energy, you’re bound to have an amazing time in anything you do!

…And, I don’t know who Farmer Grey is that they keep singing about in the “Sleigh Ride” song, but I can bet he’s probably drunk too.

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