After getting a lot of work done the past couple days, I was able to let loose tonight and go out on the town. Which, in hindsight, may not have been the best course of action to get out and let off some steam. Douche bags were in full force tonight! Guys. STOP acting like idiots! We don’t like that. Stupid come-on lines. Asking us if we want to go have sex with you. Feed us bullshit about your fancy cars and crap… which, at least to me, doesn’t matter. I could give NO fucks about what kind of car you have. I’m willing bet you don’t have a mortgage to match, so just knock it off. And let’s say you say something witty, and you get our attention… then you go and screw it up by playing stupid games with our hearts. You fucktards. We are over it. If a chick cheats on you… I’d bet dollars to donuts that you deserved it. Well, for once, I’m off to beddie-bye tonight early. As exciting as seeing all the single people getting their drink on was… most definitely NOT, it was most definitely, too much for me to handle tonight. Night Y’all!

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