I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas. Huge. Not kidding… HUGE! I listen to all the radio stations playing holiday music, I watch every holiday movie (tv and movie theaters), I decorate like they do on the movie christmas vacation. I LOVE Christmas so much for so many reasons… i.e. because people tend to be nicer, better versions of themselves! because Santa is in the mall! because there’s glittery shiny things everywhere you look! =P I hate to say this… but, before this entry is posted, I will more than likely have my tree up, decorated, and have baked 13 variations of holiday cookies, cakes and pies! (make that 21 variations… almost forgot about a couple of my favorites ha!)

I will say… it was a little early to see Christmas decor up in the stores before Halloween, but, then again… I have never shied away from a sausage and cheese sampler. NO Way! mmm…. Bristol Farms, how I love you.

Since today was my first day of celebration for the holidays! If you haven’t had a chance to download “Christmastime” then go and do so today on soundcloud.com/rita-slanina/christmastime for free for a limited time.

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