Watching someone self destruct because they cannot or do not want to face their very real fears and problems can be heartbreaking. Even more so when you care about them more than you thought you did or more than you ever thought you would. You want to show them what love really is and protect them from harm… Even if the harm is of their own doing. So, what do you do? If it’s to sit idly by and watch their ever-spiraling downhill battle, then you are very wrong. Sometimes people are brought into your life at exactly the right moment when you both need to fulfill each other in very different ways but in very necessary ways, in essence, to protect each other… And quite frankly, maybe.. Save each other. Can one save another if they themselves are lost? I say yes. Yes, if each is lost in their own way. If each can offer what the other needs and lack what the other can potentially resolve. No one person is perfect. No one man or woman can live this life completely alone. So, why then, do people think they are doing themselves a service when putting themselves in harms way in order to escape their reality? To “escape” to an defeating loneliness that only love from ¬†another can save them from. Whatever the case, find love. Take the risk. And don’t be afraid. Sometimes what you are afraid of is exactly what you need… To survive it all… And find eternal happiness. Stop running. Let go. And allow yourself to fall to safety.¬†

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