We were on location yesterday shooting the video for “Just Stay”. A song that will soon enough be available for download on iTunes. So keep a lookout for that. (Sorry guys, I wasn’t able to get any behind the scenes shots… I know. Booooo) HA!

 “Just Stay” has been heard on “The Tia Pancha Show”, a reality show on Univision earlier this year. (Huge thank you to my boy back in H-town for making that happen. You are amazing! I appreciate you immensely!) Anyway, I’m excited about this project. The concept for this video was amazing. I can’t wait to share this video with you guys. The storyline is interesting and has a twist to it. I get annoyed when I’m watching music videos and they don’t have some kind of story to it. So when the director showed me the treatment for this video I about died!! I loved it!
The final scene of the day though I just could not stop laughing. Thanks to the giggles coming from off set and my co-star making silly faces while I’m supposed to be “sad”… Smh they were all killing me! Ha ha. 
After wrapping, the cast and crew all went to dinner. Where madness ensued. Tell me how a French fry that went flying across two tables slapping one in the face ended up square in one’s nose?! HA! That was one boss French fry! We couldn’t stop laughing. On that note, I’m off to the studio and on the lookout for any suspicious French fries looking to jump me… 

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