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Busting A Bout of Doubts

My thoughts seem to be tormenting me today. Not surprised. Sometimes, it feels like I fight my demons all at the same time… but, don’t we all? Be a bitch? Don’t be a bitch. Be diplomatic? Speak your mind! Be a lady? Nah, Fuck it! Curse up a storm – like a sailor!                         IMG_7533.jpg

Oh, oops, shouldn’t have done that.

Did I make the right decision? Trust your instincts!

….So, in an effort to distract myself from my own insanity, I’ve been teaching myself a new piano piece. Something complicated. Something intricate. Something that forces me to focus on the keys and not this fuckery; but, then my hands tire and I’m like… ugh… bottom line, as told by my amazing manager and confidant, “Stop second guessing everything!” ha ha.. she cracks me up. But she’s 100% freaking right! How many times a day do we sit and think about the possible, the improbable and the ridiculous? Incessantly. Running ourselves ragged from the what ifs? And a bologna sandwich within reach. What.


If you love him, SHOW HIM! Make bologna!

If you want that promotion, ASK FOR IT! A sandwich?

If you need a hug and a tissue, then go ask for a DAMN HUG and a TISSUE before impact!

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Quite often, when I’m having bouts of doubts, something happens and its then, that I begin writing page after page of words. Lyrics that might make it to song, Lyrics that may never see the light of day. Either way, exposing yourself via journal, songs,  or maybe by way of the ice cream man who visits my street every day… huh? How does that – Hush. Don’t worry about it.

Regardless, it’s getting released into the universe to be part of what is to become. Who knows? At the end of the day, I could just be a crazy broad who thinks too much..

But your still here reading this gibberish anyway, aren’t you? =P

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