So after spending the day on submissions, interviews, (…saying that felt so official… ha ha… yes! I can’t believe it either, people want to interview me! I’m just a girl with a voice!) and rewriting, yet again, a third version of “Last Show” (I swear getting it right with this particular track pains me. I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing this song because it really means something to me about going through life, making decisions that people will always judge you for. No one is immune to this and everyone is guilty of it. I just want it to be perfect. And I just want to make sure it stays as close to the original rough cut I had of it from the jump.) But, hopefully soon… I’ll be sending that by paper airplane to be mixed and mastered. Again.

Fast forward to this evening…  I was able to play chess with my very brilliant little partner. Here’s the deal. I have beat him several times the past couple weeks and it has been driving him crazy! He’s been playing everyday with others to up his game, I suppose, and can beat them effortlessly… or so I am told. Ha! (its always about perspective, right? )

So, he has been making me play every chance possible to try and remedy the 3-0 stats I had against him. So, tonight, I said, fine, we will play and we had a stale mate, followed by me, finally taking a loss. Dammit! So, at his request, we scratched the previous scoreboard and now we are at an “agreed” 0-1-1. You guessed it, we agreed because he was happy he was the winning number on the scoreboard.
But, I’m no fool… I know the scoreboard still really is 3-2-1. That’s right, I’m still… technically, winning! =P And besides, he ONLY beat me because we were watching a movie I had never seen. So, I was distracted. I see what he did, he lured me in to play, knowing, I would be more into the film. Tricky. Tricky. (Have you picked up on the fact that I am a teensy weensy bit competitive? HA!)

Let me just say, that if you take your finger off the any piece on that board because you decided you changed your mind on your move. Think again. It will be my turn. Too bad,  so sad. I will not let you re-do your move… And, I know, boys hate that.

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