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Banana Pantry

What my desk typically looks like when I’m… in the mood. #workflow

Happy Friday! Oh, it’s Thursday? Oops. Hell, if I know the day… on any given week. Well, today is MY friday. And I’m ready to celebrate! Ok, I started celebrating last night. Thank you $3 champagne. My headache applaudes you. And thank you, Del Taco buddy burritos. Between the four of you (2 flutes + 2 bean burriters = 4), I was out like a light by 9:30pm, slept terribly and now have to face my youtube yoga instructor. I need a banana tree. What? Yes, I’m still allowing this yogi broad to terrorize me every morning. And surprisingly enough, she’s not a morning person. She’s evil. Pure evil. And she’s not a fan of bananas. Moving on.. so why the celebratory start to my weekend? Because I want to, for one. And for two, I’ve knocked out 10,000+ words this week on the most recent project I’ve got going, I’ve gotten my officehomeatorium organized, I’ve read for a few directors this week, and I’ve adopted a daily schedule that I’m (actually) adhering to, and as my tornado of work swirls around me; I can finally see the other side of the rainbow! Hmm, you chase butterflies too? Yes, yes I do. Especially butterflies with a cupboard full of bananners. Wait, that’s more than two reasons. And a lot of fruit. Yeah, yeah, math isn’t my best subject; just add the extra counting to sub-articles in your notes or wahtever. Always got a monkey on my back. Anyway,  All my research, planning and execution has made me feel, well? Pretty fucking awesome! Suck it, naysayers!

Sip. Swallow. Celebrate.

Let’s be fair. It’s not like I don’t do these tasks, every day of every week anyway. It’s just that this week, I am going to give myself a little “win” and enjoy the hard, ongoing shit I typically have going on, day in and day out. I haven’t been keeping in touch with too many of my girlfriends lately. Or my guy friends. But trailblazing a sea of endeavors? Kind of my thing. A lone wolf with a penchant for monkeys, butterflies… and bananas. What the hell is with the bananas today? I don’t know, I think I’m lacking potassium. And my buddies who are doing their own versions of it? Well, hopefully they’re busy too and likely understand my absence. I do miss my late night chess sessions with my boy though. I like bringing on an undertaking in ass-whooping via checkmate. I always have my hands dirty in five things at once. Again with the numbers? Hush. The number five here is relative and referred to loosely; sometimes I am juggling eight things. *wink Just stop doing equations. No more tallying. Please! So, how do I stay motivated? Fuck if I know. I’m my own fun house. Or banana pantry. Either way, humor is my best ally. Oh thank God she didn’t say mathematics. Didn’t I hush you? Stupid inner voice. Just sip, swallow and celebrate. Fine. Well, at least we both agree with those three things…