Satisfying (REALISTIC) Shed Declutter | Spring Summer Series

Spring is here–

errrr… stop right there. It’s behind us.

Right. Right. Ahem…

SUMMER – is here, birds are chirping–errrr… stop again. Aren’t the birds chirping?

haha, yeah. Just wanted to see if you’d stop.

*Insert sarcastic laugh here Ha. Ha.

Are you done?

Maybe *wink

Ugh, okay.

Satisfying. BUT REALISTIC! Shed. Declutter. Whatever. Finally got that out… I see those second (and snarky) thoughts are back without fail. Just like this blog! Badum hiss! Well, glad to see those jerky sidebars back without a vengence! *curtsy

So, let’s get this party started then. Where were we? Oh, that’s right SUMMER!

Welcome back guys and gals, to the Spring and Summer Series of 2021! Birds are chirping, the butterflies are fluttering, and the monsoons are here! And so is that damn humidity. Ugh. But, I’m still on that decluttering, renovations, up cycling thing here!

After watching sooo many different minimalism and un-junking vids, I decided to attack my shed and boy was it a doosy! Stop the dramatics. Okay, full disclosure, it took a weekend…

And actually, you’re right. Not that bad at all. It was all pretty fun. Yet, it was surely a weekend warrior sort of undertaking. I bet you’re wondering how one would even start such a project? It can be overwhelming! Daunting! Excruciating! Tedious! Fun!

But, also, oh so fulfilling.

Whoa. Stop. Fun?

Fun… for a Type A personality? Maybe?

*slaps forehead *rolls eyes

Okay. Fine.

I get that not everyone will dive into a satisfying, and realistic shed decluttering venture to task themselves like I would. But, if that’s the case, then I must ask… why are these so binge-worthy? Is it the voyeur in us? Do we like to see other peoples, er, junk? I don’t know.

Did I mention that I’d be reorganizing?

I don’t care.

driving the inspiration home with hot mess house reference

We know you don’t care.

Or that I’d also be up cycling furniture?

*sticks tongue out

A series I’ve been over the moon about is Hot Mess House. Has anyone else seen this? I think it’s on HGTV. Only two seasons but I just love watching people toss their junk out and then renovate storage solutions! I totally enjoy it!

Also, check out Minimal Mom, and ClutterBug on YouTube. Well… no pressure. Only if you’re into those kinds of things.

And, I have a sneaking suspicion you are, if you’re still reading.

So, let's waste no more time! Check out my latest post on the most satisfying and realistic shed declutter of your life! Oh geez. *wink And don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and my social media to keep up on all the lastest posts! 

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And, without further ado, the Spring & Summer Series of 2021!

Does watching tidying up videos feel as delightful to you as they do me? Let me know in the comments if this got you sweeping out your junk.

Stay tuned for next week’s video in the summer series! Happy Summering!

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