Bulls*** Cap

“how do I save the world today?”

There’s only so much a girl can take. Be it one issue after another with my car’s health,  a campaign against Keurig for making a machine (which I bought) and can find -no- place to buy the damn pods for it, or a retaliation against my building for taking a personal interest in targeting residents over nothing more than, the dragon lady just being a miserable old wench, acting out her midlife crisis. Get a convertable like a regular aging sod! Have an illicit affair! Geesh! Leave your tenants alone who have done nothing to you! And don’t think I haven’t witnessed you NOT pick up after your dog’s business. Petition for an ejection, anyone?


If I were to just fade into the background, then it would please people to just dissipate. Oh gosh, not likely. But, since that doesn’t sound like something I would do… NOT AT ALL.  I believe, I’ll once again, be fighting for what’s right. Where’s my superhero cape? I guess that means I need to fight back against any injustice surrounding me. Ah, found it, underneath my deodorant. Again. Ugh. Life of the underdog, I guess… This started way back in 5th grade though. There was a boy who was constantly being picked on and once I saw it, I had to get involved. Yes, you read that correctly. A boy was being bullied. I was put in a position to take action and beat up the boy bully and became the weakling’s protector. *rolling eyes. I’m not saying violence is the answer, I was in elementary school. It was a different time then; But, now as an adult I imagine, one of these days, I wll find someone who will actually love me enough to protect me from harm’s way; But, with nary any luck in that department, I just keep plugging away at fighting for little injustices in the world. I need a theme song. Los Angeles has a bullshit meter of millenium proportions. In general, I find people to be more rude, more miserable and more advantageous in their quests to try to keep people down around them who are doing better than them. Or prettier. Or whataever lame ass excuse they can find to be so evil toward other people and “justify” their, OBVIOUS, insecurities. So what. You’re not whole. You hate your whole life. It doesn’t give you the right to sell me a coffee maker that I can’t just pop into any store and get pods on the regular. Add that fucker to my slew of “wish I hadn’t bought that” to my kitchen cabinet of death. And in case you aren’t sure… That’s the cabinet up top that you have to drag a chair to, to reach whatever’s in that graveyard. I hate that.

359_1050989636593_3388_nYes, friends and co-workers of the city, that I hold dear… this rant obviously excludes you. You’re on the meter of amazing. *Cheesy grin. It’s too bad life isn’t all rainbows and chop choo trains… I could really use a ride on the caboose with some funnel cake.

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