Foodie Cookery

Since I’ve been stuck at home, because of my trail of bad luck recently… Which, according to my friends and family, have come about because I’ve allowed it back in… Oh, for fucks sake, where’s the sage? Well, irregardless,  I have decided to pick up some cooking sessions. No, there have been no fires. Whew. Maybe an occasional smoke detector activation here and there; But, no fires. Hmm… Sage really does work. Although, the fire extinguisher is within reach too…  Just in case.

 See that homemade chicken Parmesan in the photo? Yep, I did that. And, while I hate pictures of food, I had to boast about my successful foodie attempts so you all can see that, I can be trusted with a stove. Vent fan? Check. Open all doors and windows? Check. Plug in extra fans for circulation? Check, and check. After noticing another squaller in my complex last week with apartment fire smoke imprints all over their corner section of the building; I realized that it is possible… that the pumpkin fires of 2014 weren’t -entirely- my fault.  Faulty wiring? Everything is electric, Rita. Yes, true. But, there are wires connecting the electric to the… uh, electric, stuff. Anyway, focus. This building was built ages ago. It is entirely conceivable that I’m not just a faulty cook. Sigh. Fingers crossed.

The fish plate mockery wasn’t my fault either. But what did I expect from food, designated in frozen section of Costco. I didn’t taste anything wrong with it; at first. But, when other members of my family made weird faces… and comments. Maybe I had just acclimated to the terrible taste since we had been on a very tight budget? Beggars can’t be choosers. I was happy it was different from Top Ramen. I thought they were taking digs at my cooking. But, no, it was the beer-battered cod wannabe in the oven that was wreaking havoc. Concensus: Sometimes, I can cook. Yay! But, it helps to have REAL food, not from a case of iced over beer battered cod that can be compared to charcoal.

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