Obsessed. Clamoring. Can’t live without it. Ok, ok. What the hell am I talking about… So, I am completely song-whoring over this app. Song-whoring is a thing. I just invented it. Hush. And keep up. The app is called Fusic. It’s free and it’s freaking so fun. Sing terribly. Song terrifically. Nobody cares. There’s tons of good mistletoe vibes with super adorable peeps disguised as choir elves. Everyone just has fun on it. Get off the wall, flowers! Tear your vocal chords out and have a ball. You can sing video karaoke style or you can lip sync… Video, Uh, style… For the shy or non-singer. And since it’s raining cats and dogs outside-ha look! just saw a corgi- in California, we are all kinda stuck in the house. Unless we have school. Or jobs. Or… Shit to do. I don’t know. I don’t film until Sunday on a project so I’m falling into the category of “nothing to do” -except pretending I have shit to do. Wait. So, do I have things to do? I’m confused. 

And since I’m creating some things to do today… It’s song-whoring all day. Move over professionals! Us ragulars are going to FA-La-la-la-la to Train’s holiday tunes, or To All You Want For Christmas with Mariah! I know. I’m too excited. Suck it. I’m rarely impressed and this has been just to much fun! pssst… So, a little backstory, I had forgotten about this app and was getting alerts in my email about people liking a video -or two- that I did. Literally, two. Well, after figuring out I wasn’t being spammed by Merry Titties Unlimited-I made that up, relax-I clicked on and rediscovered with my childlike innocence… my new favorite app. On the planet. That I hadn’t taken advantage of in a year. Anyway, it’s winter holiday fuckery with a dash of boredom killing. Enjoy! 

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