Can we get a refill?

My son and I have been obsessed with Denny’s lately. Don’t lecture. They have new menu items that are surprisingly quite tasty. Holiday themed dishes! Questionable-looking gravy. Cranberry sauce from a can. And yes I’ve been hanging with my kid a lot. But he’s my buddy. No I’m not. Or I force him to hang with me. This might be illegal. And be my buddy. You will enjoy your time with your mommy. Dragging him by his Jean pockets distinctly qualifying his inclusion -to my outings- as part of a… buddy system. Hey buddy! To which, he begrudgingly adheres. Somebody. Help. Such a good kid. Anyway, It’s all about perspective. 

Focus, everytime we go to said restaurant, we keep getting served, glasses of water that are the size of toddler sippy cups. Slurp. Refill. Slurp. Refill please. Slurp. Refill. Slurp. Ah. Mozzarella sticks. 

So we are slurping up our third serving of H2O-filled tumblers and watch the waitress -bring to a table across the room- large water cups. Yeah.. LARGE. Water. Glasses. Heyyyyy. Our mouths dropped to the floor. With drool. Uh, waitress, Napkins? We could not believe we have been wamboozled. Bam! Bang! Pow! They werrrrre smokers so… maybe …they looked thirstier than us. Cough. Cough. Lung. Emphysema would make one, insatiably, in need of quenching… I suppose. 
Guess Wonder Woman will have to fly in refill numero siete… (That’s #7, my non-spanish speaking friends) *wink 

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