Vegan Fry Daddy, Part 2

So, after yesterday’s post, I got to thinking…. I know, but I couldn’t help myself. It’s time to eat. Vegan Raw Whore Curiosity. So menus are being passed around and I’m looking at one that offers vegan raw chili cheese fries. Oh yeah, I’m going for it. Why the hell not… Fate has a way of finding me. So I jump in. Greens and caffeines? I don’t know what that means. But, let’s try that too. So, I also opt for a white chocolate veggiechino. Come on, even the name of it makes you wonder how the hell they pulled this off, right? 

So my vegan raw chili cheese fries aren’t hot. Their cold. Because their stupid raw. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to process, GEESH. They look like fries but they’re made from jimaca and there are scoops for what appear to be guacamole… But it’s not. It’s some pasty green concoction that just looks like guacamole. Actually the stuff wasn’t that bad. The sprinkling of season salt all over it completely made my fries taste like chili cheese was smothering it. I won’t likely become a vegan raw whore anytime soon but at least it was filling. And I grazed on something new. I dive into my veggiechino -ha! I love saying that… Veggieeeeechiiiinoooo-and that is actually pretty amazing. I thought it would be hot too… But it wasn’t. Kind of threw me off at first glance, so I was skeptical but knew I had to suck this one down with reckless abandon. Then, something amazing happened. A unicorn flew over head. Fireworks in its wake. I took a sip and it was…. Sensationally tasteless and delicious all at the same time. I didn’t think that was possible. Anythings possible, haven’t you seen Alice In Wonderland? I’m buying a pony after this. Or a hookah smoking cat. Strange little imitation coffee alternative was quite tasty… Is the bloating normal? 

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