Pompeii Snack Stand

The Grecian Hot Doggery is real…

So… we were watching the movie Pompeii and while the gladiators (who are hot and sweaty sexy) were fighting -we don’t think of how realistic the scene is or isn’t…. nope; But I’m most definitely enjoying the visuals regardless-We notice there is no hot dog stand.. Wait. So how did they get their snacks? No cotton candy. My favorite. No hot soft pretzels. Love those too. No freaking nachos!! That’s it, I can’t take it anymore. Take what? This is blasphemy… No wonder the Romans and the Greeks fought. They were hot dog hungry! So, the lesson? Next coliseum around the 1500th century mark holding ‘To The Death’ sporting events… Wise up. Think outside of the barbarian cages and spear up some tasty concession stands nearby. 

 Chariot Hot Dog Vendor Queen!

I wish I had a street vendor in my house. Yeah, so do you. How cool would that be? Super cool. Super freaking cool. He could sell those frozen ice cream bars too… Like the guys with the little box carts, that push them up and down the sidewalks with the little bell on them. Ding. Ding. Ding-a-ling. Love those little proprietors and their delicious -but, terribly bad for you- street foods. Yeah, sometimes they smell like they haven’t showered in weeks… But, look at it like they’re adding flavor to your meaty chompables. A je ne sai qoi, if you will. A chariot full of bacon wrapped pounders pulled by street vending pegacorns. Magical. 

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