Funtime Fail

Having a Funtime guy on the roster is a great way to pass the time while dating prospective multi-season contract holders. They’re entertaining. They’re spontaneous. You’re not committed to take them -or their feelings- seriously. Everybody’s in it for the short haul and it’s all around good dirty fun. Until he has baby mama drama pop up. Oh she’s just trippin… Uh what homie? Did you just say “trippin?” Because you’re in a relationship and you’re technically cheating on her? …And her? I’d be trippin too. Thank you 90s hiphop culture reference. Bye… jerk. Or asks you to meet you somewhere -like in another city- and then asks YOU where you’re staying. Uh, wait. What? You invited me asshole. That means I stay with you. I’m not paying to ride this ride. Three coins please. Even a Funtime guy needs manners and a sense of decorum. Or it isn’t fun at all. Wah. Thanks a lot, No fun, fun guy. 

There are rules to dating for fun.  First of all, you must be single to play the field. Otherwise, you’re just a dirtbag cheating loser. This applies to guys and gals. Secondly, in order to be in the singles games of fun, you need to be prepared to treat her like a lady. Tea, madam? Yes, Even if it’s just a Funtime pal. Hey buddy. You still gotta be a nice guy…  the cool part is that you aren’t committed, so there’s no need for the loyalty rules to apply here. Just discretionary rules. What’s that you ask? It’s basically the Keep Your Mouth Shut rule. 
But alas… There comes a moment when it’s time to cut the fun guy loose. If he’s no longer fun. But he’s more of a Funtime Fail. Wah, you’re boring. Bye. If a better “he” has crossed your path. Ooo, hottie patottie, replacement full steam ahead. He’s got drama. Whoa there nelly! Let’s padlock the barn. Or you’re just finally ready for something real. I wished upon a star and he floated down from the sky! 
Pay attention. If the fun guy is in fail safe mode. Get on it. Stay on that pony… Ride those 8 seconds for all it’s worth. 

*This has been a public service announcement for Funtime guy and how it should be handled. 😉

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