Hermit Dreams And Caviar

I’ve got hermit dreams with caviar… Actually, hold on, I don’t like caviar. Fish eggs, right? At least, not since the last time I tried it. Yep, those are fish eggs. I will chow down an olive pate though… Yum. Well, with an impending reevaluation of the people around me, I’ve decided, I’m starting to believe all people are crazy and it may be better to retreat to a life of hermitry. Goodbye ole world! I can befriend my pillow, have conversations with plush animals and knit sweaters for stray cats. Note to self: buy plush animals. And find stray kitties. 
Granted, not all people will let you down. Suckers. Refuse to take ownership over to their wrong-doings. Did I do that? Yes you did. Or incorporate an action if absolute truths. Uh, It wasn’t me. It was totally you. Stop lying to people. Ah, sigh.

 Not everyone can be like me though either. The company you keep is a vital part of who you are. Oh you didn’t know? True story. High standards are just the beginning. I’ll take a mocha latte. When push comes to shove, that’s when folks show their true character. A side of hero please? Or jackass? What does a mocha latte have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing… Sometimes, a person’s character supersedes your expectations. Hooray! But often, unfortunately, it’s extremely disappointing. Boooooo! Either way, scoop up you’re plush toys and stand you’re ground. Is this asphalt? No… squishy carpet. Pass the caviar please? 

Photo, courtesy of, the renowned photographer Jared Alexander

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