Cinnamon Sand

Moment of impact. Where the fun, YOU, flies out the window… Like a dancing panther, stage right. And the old fuddy duddy, YOU, pulls into the station… Choo choo! All aboard! I have always been an old soul but I have always had that fun, wild streak inside. Hello, I’m trapped in here. Always screaming to get out. Let me out! I need to escape. Always dying to find excitement somehow. Knock knock. Is this where excitement lives? We’re supposed to hang out. I have an idea! Let’s scale a building… I feel like a superhero today. 

But I’m not talking about the momentary judgement calls of safety and moral parameters to your day. I’m talking about the moment when you think music is too loud, people drive too fast, and you just always want to relax? Turn it down! Slow down! Damn kids! It’s like you have literally… Become old. Go granny go! 
I haven yet reached that mountainside. But, I see it around me within my close friends. Asleep at right o’clock. Lame. Relatives. In distracting, dysfunctional relationships. Lame. I’ll tell you what happens. You become less curious to the unknown. I have no idea what’s behind that door, Wayne Brady, but OPEN IT! Being scared to take a risk -that might blow up in your face- is more your personal mental block than a chance to grow. Water and sunlight please. To experience. Yup, that was me that fell out of that tree. To live. Me? Get lost? Try me. Let’s take impromptu trips around the globe somewhere. Eat sand. And ride a whale! You only live once… And I intend to live it wholly! Do I need to saddle a whale?  I don’t know… But this sand tastes gritty… With a hint of cinnamon. 

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