No touchy touchy

You cannot, I repeat, cannot just touch another person’s face… whether you know them, think you know them, or don’t know them at all. Recently, a friend of mine was telling me that she had met a girl that seemed nice and wanted to get to know better. Cool. Women  should be sticking together and powering up. Too many females get insecure and stupid around other chicks and it needs to stop. Stop it females. Play nice. Sisterhood. Think of your fellow woman as part of your pack of gum. So, she proceeds to tell me that after meeting this chicklet, she bumps into bubblicious on another occasion and this broad, apparently drunk, was telling her to smile… and while doing so, this tidal wave grabbed her face at her chin and squeezed her face. Right. A mother would do this action to her baby. If said mother was the face squeezing type. A kid would do this to their doll. You could do this to your dog. My friend though? Oh no sweet marmalade… My friend almost punched this bitch’s lights out. I mean, who does that? And if your one of the guilty assholes that do that, why the hell do you do that to people? You’re invading a person’s space. And the violations. You are so violating. Would you like it if someone did that to you? Most likely, not. I’m Just saying.

Flash forward to an incident involving me… Shocker. I’m working and this arrogant dude is talking to me… far too much. He’s downright annoying. He’s like an out of date chunky heel. Nobody cares what your rambling on about. Didn’t we donate those heels to charity? Please shut up for the sake of everyone around you. He doesn’t. So agitating. It’s the horrid clodhopper style of shoe that never wants to die. This clog is blathering on about some nonsense, making himself look like a moron (clearly acquired that title quickly by the way) and then puts his finger on the side of my face! Right! What the hell space invader? I never backed up so quick and reacted. Ugly shoes will do this to you. Don’t touch me, ever. My knee jerk reaction was to hit him, like he deserved. I didn’t. But, the guy to the other side of me notices what this douche has done also and steps in, abruptly, reminding him I’m a lady and keep his hands to himself. Ok, sometimes I’m a lady, screw you guys. Doesn’t he realize that he’s in public and touching other people is not only rude, but a hostile engagement likely to get you knocked the f*** out?!

Moral of the story? Whether your a blow pop with tasty gum inside or a hideous mule-style slide,
Rude asses.

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