Under Construction

I hate doing my website. If any of you have noticed, my website has been “under construction.” Its not that designing my website is hard, per say, its just time consuming. Hence, my undeniable desire to procrastinate is strong. Case in point: I should be pecking away at it now instead of blogging this post; But, hey, I struggle. There are just some things that are mind-numbing and re-doing my website -which I tend to do more often than not- is one of them. Praying to the website Gods doesn’t seem to get it done. Wishing in wells doesn’t seem to help. Grabbing a leprechaun to get this dirty work done, and maybe that pot of gold they like to keep hidden, doesn’t do the trick either. And the leprechaun never did lead me to the pot of gold. I really wanted that. Stingy leprechaun.

When you have a small team, you tend to discover many talents that you may -or may not- have. I’ve learned to build a website on less than a dime, some tricks about social media marketing/networking, design posts on twitter on less than fifteen characters. Actually, the twitter posts, I’m always going over on those. Annoying. I know, I know… there are apps to help shorten whatever you want to say into a convenient link; but after trying that, it turned out I just had an extra app laying around on my phone that collected a lot of pixie dust because the pixie fairy wouldn’t do it for me… Stupid pixie fairy.

To make a long story short, I don’t wanna do my website today… waaaaa! =( Although, if I don’t my manager will get in my butt and that’s probably a fate worse than death. Why is it, even as an adult, if we get our asses handed to us for not doing something -that we should be doing anyway- we digress to childhood shame? Maybe, if I hire a neanderthal to take the blows from my manager, I can procrastinate for one more day about this website task…

Damn it, now that I think about it, the neanderthal probably won’t be smart enough of to even show up. I’m screwed.

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