“Coffee… Without it, I might kill you”

I wake up in the morning, push the button of my Keurig Vue machine and wait for the smell of my Italian Roast to brew aromatically throughout the room. (Mind you, my Keurig is on my nightstand next to my bed, yes, I LOVE coffee. Mess with my morning coffee and I’ll most likely hurt you.) I finally drag my limp body to a sitting position and reach for my freshly poured cup and sip…. Nothing. I look in the cup to make sure I’m not still trying to drink imaginary coffee. Dammit. I forgot to put the pod in the machine last night before bed. How could I possibly have forgotten to do that? Oh yes, I remember, Jack came over last night and we had conversations about art and politics into the wee hours of the morning. Jack was helping me mend a broken heart due to some jerk breaking it. Jack is such a great friend. Always there to cheer me up when I need it. But, we made cups and cups of coffee last night and amidst the evening chatter, I must have forgotten to fill the pod dock before finally crashing into a deep slumber. 
The amazing thing about the Keurig Vue machine is that you can fill the water carafe once and it can produce multiple cups! The next thing you know, you’ve run out of pods before you’ve needed to fill up the carafe again! Damn you Jack. So, I plop back down under the covers after popping in a fresh pod and impatiently await my first cup of joe. As I grab the now freshly brewed cup of coffee, I go to take a sip… My manager is calling. Shit. I put down my mug and quickly answer the phone. As she’s going on and on about deadlines and meetings I need to get to and errands I need to run for him, I can’t help but stare at my poor little coffee cup with its beautiful steam coming off the top of the pretty coco colored liquid inside. As I’m rushing around, the phone between my ear and shoulder, I’m hopping on one leg slipping into my socks and as I zip up my boots, I toss the notepad (I’ll remember what my manager is saying later, right?) and reach for my coffee…. Nope.

Instead, I find myself trying to catch my fall as I trip into the nightstand and the phone bounces out of my reach and I hit the floor. Face first. Nice. Rolling over to my back, I see the phone has slid underneath my bed, (ugh), and reach for it with my fingers and as I bring it to my ear again, my manager is still talking about who knows what and finally says she wants me in the office by 10:00a.m. Ok, no problem, after I accomplish all million and one items on the to-do list, I’ll get right on it. Sigh. I hang up and my eyes shift to the ever-lasting cup of love that I need to get through this evil, evil morning. I scoot in towards my nightstand, legs crossed, arms extending to finally get that warm cup in between my hands. As I breathe in the smell of those refined coffee beans, I find myself giddy with excitement, the now lackluster vapor traveling through my sense as I inhale with glee. Someone knocks on the door. I stop mid-smell, the happiness quickly fades from my face. I abruptly put my coffee cup on the nightstand, more like slammed it, but who’s keeping track? And I huff and puff my way over to the door and ask who it is. No one replies, so I open the door angrily now and see a package. Oh! It’s my order of Keurig Vue pods! When I run out of pods, I can easily get online at www.keurig.com and order up a shipment to replace my waning home supply quickly and easily. I can choose from a variety of different coffee and tea flavors as well as for other drinks I may desire from the Keurig Vue machine! I can also login to my account where it remembers what I ordered! A light crosses my being as I skip along with my newest shipment of assorted coffee and tea yum yums to fit my fancy. I was out of the iced tea pods so this actually makes my day feel brighter.

Back to my coffee of the morning, I realize that my once hot brew is now a sad existing cold one. Sigh. Blah, I decide that this will not do. So, I set it aside – I’ll just add some ice and creamer to it later and toss it in the blender for a frozen treat to top off my afternoon – and I decide to pop in another pod into my machine. And within a couple minutes, I have a nice, fresh, HOT, mug of a Breakfast Blend at my lips! As, I go to sip this fine fragrant delectable, my phone rings once again. I exhale a deep breath, set down my coffee and pick up the line to see who it is. It really doesn’t matter actually, because at this point, there is only one remedy to ensuring my daily fix gets met. I stand up, open the window and throw the phone. Maybe it will fly, most likely it wont. Either way, nothing is getting in the way of my breathable savor this time. I hop back underneath the covers, snuggle into my fluffy pillows, cuddle myself into my chalice and begin to let my taste buds reveal the flavorful wonders that only my Keurig Vue machine can deliver. Sure, you can hang on tight to your old Keurig machine and thats great. But, why do that when you have the newest member, Keurig Vue, brewing appliance? It does so much more than just coffee, I don’t know how I survived without it. Seriously, I haven’t a clue.

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