Nail Jelly


If only I could save money on botox…

A few weeks ago I had this idea. Crap. Not another one. To start cutting costs to save money. OK… sounds good so far. Which, hey, the free time is compromised and penny pinching boyfriend is happy; but the money I save will be worth it and I can finally put that new shiny bed on lay-a-way. You think I’m kidding.

After much deliberation the decision has been made. No more mani-pedis. AAAHHHHHHHH! Does anyone else hear those piercing screams? Oh, that’s me. Sorry. Ugh my stomach hurts just saying it. But take a look at the upside. There’s no upside.  It’s saving me at least $60-$90 bucks a month! ok, fine that’s upside. Los Angeles is expensive. What’s that? Eight dollars for a gallon of milk? And since my rent is the equivalent of a mortgage, I’ve got to cut corners somewhere. And you’re going to be so nail jelly after you hear this!

hey it ain’t perfect, but with a 60 second dry time and $40 in my pocket, I’m celebrating this win!

Manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, gel nails and maintenance that goes along with all of it, and even the exfoliant for the legs and hands. The boyfriend complaining about wasted money. Each thing tallies up the cost when you’re in the salon and every woman knows, those manicurist are hella good sales people. Honey buns, I know I said it was only going to be $45; but what happneed was this sales lady… ok, my last salon visit was $90. Boyfriend about choked. I Couldn’t help it! The women constantly asking to add a service and upsale you’re already mounting ticket (God, I love that massaging chair) and it multiplied so quickly with just a couple of yesses… I was putty.

After discovering that re-using aluminum foil for the daily baked potato isn’t going to save me much moula, researching the how-to on doing my own gel nails seemed like it would be easy. I’ve tried to do my own acrylic nails – disaster; but the idea that I could actually save money and do this thing without looking like a monkey did my manicure? I’m in! Listen, if I had money to burn, I’d mani-pedi all day without remorse for the almighty dollar. It’s however, not the case and I want to hang onto my forty dollar nail money.

So I bought a $40 gel nail kit at Walmart. Yes, Walmart. Don’t judge me. They’re the king of crap. They have everything. And the LED light is the most vital part in this b.s. In my head, I was like, if this shit doesn’t work, at least I can return it tomorrow and get my two Jacksons back. I didn’t buy the extra base or top coat crap -figured it was just a scam to make you spend more on this stupid kit. And you know what? You don’t need the top/base coat at all. It’s an extra step that’s for the criminally insane money spenders. The polish didn’t lift and it was just as shiny without it. And fyi, each bottle is about ten bucks a pop. My one time forty dollar expenditure has resulted in -so far- two months of nicely manicured nails. Albeit, with the same color that came with and a bottle my sister sent my way after she realized she needed said LED light. I’m happy to report that I’m not gnawing on my fingers like an animal -CHOMP. CHOMP. CHOMP.- and I feel my nails are better protected by the thick gel (that dries insanely fast)! Oh and if you’re curious about how this shit works, shoot me a comment. It’s easier -and less painful- than the waxing lesson I gave last year.

DISCLAIMER: I may have exhaggerated the milk costs. But, in my defense, $8 milk is why I am getting a bed on lay-a-way.