The BUJO Business

Staying organized – for me – is literally the only way I feel like I can accomplish what I need. I like to check off lists.


I like to cross off the items.

You have a problem.

Yeah… it’s a sickness. “Hello. My name is Rita and I’m a life-hack-oholic. I’m so organized, that my lists… have lists.”

“Hello, Rita.” says – in unison – the life-hack-oholic support group.

But, as I’ve always heard, there is NO SUCCESS WITHOUT SCHEDULING. Therefore, I feel it is in my best interest – and others – that we get right on top of that damn horse and ride our organized butts into the okay corral sunset!

This way, too, if I’m feeling some kind-of-way about my day. I.e. sad, apathetic, procrastinating, lazy, or whatever. Then, regardless of FEELINGS I will be able to get my tasks done regardless because, well… lists don’t have feelings. And they don’t care whether I do them or not.


My bujo’s, or for those new to this style of organization, bullet journal’s for me are usually just the overview for the month. I jot down in large scale each month those “to-do’s” and “have-to’s.” The “honey-do’s” and naturally, my “holy crapolas!” that I cannot procrastinate any longer. Which thankfully, that last category is usually smaller than the rest. Also, what I enter into my overview, doesn’t necessarily dictate whether it’s just that important for that month until months end where I can decide it needs to get wrapped up or I just need to push it to the following month. It really takes the pressure off myself. And if you know me, I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. lol

I like to keep my bujos simple. Short. Sweet. And to the point.

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I am envious of those who BUJO on a larger scale. But, the reality is, I’ll just end up getting overwhelmed by an organizing system that should be kept simple. Therefore, I keep my pages down to no more than four. Sometimes, I change it up and trade one page out for another; but usually it’s DEFINITELY… no more than a four page investment.

And really, who the hell wants to refer to five different books of organization to be organized anyway?! *I do, I do

Ha. Yeah, right.

So, away we go…

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