With so much going on in my world right now, I wanted to give you all a short update today about my new song produced by Big Boi Beats in Atlanta. Hi BB. We are getting our plans together for a video. So in the meantime, enjoy the sounds! I wrote this as a homage to the boyfriends of dating past who decide to dump you without nary a peep. Did I just hear a cricket chirp? Your siting around months and months later thinking… Did he run away to the circus? Was he attacked by a gerbil? Uh, did we break up? So… I give thanks to those douche bags for inspiring me to dig deep into my soul and find that dark and desolate place that I was able to hopefully justify eloquently in this piece. It’s true, sometimes I make tons of sense. Everyone, I imagine, has been treated this way at least once in your lives and no one seems to talk about it. Probably because she’s still waiting by the phone wondering if antelope had run through the streets and ate him. Or in this case sing…

Closure is a gift we may not want; but, when if we can get that sucky gift, we should practice finding the gratitude in it. Or eat chocolate. Or hell, crack open some champagne. Have a great weekend! Love & Light! 

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