Pink Pantry

On the closet organization trail… I blaze through The Container Store and find some ADORABLE -and, of course, color coordinated- boxes for my pantry. They’re gingham checked pattern is in a sweet pink and it’s going to add an heir of country chic to my kitchen. Or so I thought… 

It looks cluttered. And now my son is complaining that he can’t see where the cupcakes are, so what’s the point…. Mind you, he says this while dragging the larger bucket o’ snacks from the pantry. Hey, I just vacuumed there… Can we not drag the bucket? Thanks. He also notices that I put my, more healthy, snacks in a different sized box o’ chompery, to which he quandaries that he might want to eat those as well so why are they segregated into their own pail. Maybe I don’t want my yum yums even touching that commercially advertised crap? Just a thought. Well, darling child, who can’t seem to ask enough questions for what is now becoming a badly systematized idea… Hey, you there, get your head out of my food bucket! 
So, upon the realization that he wants in on my salutary nibbles, I ditch the morsel holders and toss all the munchies-both nutritious and fattening options- on the same shelf and retreat to my bedroom closet on a new mission… (*cue Star Wars music) To gloriously decorate usefully, like no one decorative container, has ever done before… 

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