It gets weird

Damn you energy drinks for convincing everyone that , they too, can have wings… No superman, you didn’t force open the sliding doors at Target. They open on a sensor. But the fact that you made that face of struggle and proceeded to plow through them like a ruffian surely entertained me! Make a muscle! Smile and say cheese! Snap. Flash. snap. No flash. Im adding you to my photo gallery collection. I shall give my new collection a name… 
Musky body booty. For her. Nah, too much. Target The Weirdos. Nope. Target Voyeur- Pics of the odd and entertaining. Ok, I may need a little new time to find a title for this collage. Mmmmm… I do love energy drinks though. They really give you that feeling of cheating death when your heart palpitates or stops beating a few minutes. What a rush! 
I never thought I would say this; But, people watching at Target is… AMAZING! The guy who was walking toward the doors that are labeled “Exit”, stops in his tracks, and retraces his steps back to enter the doors marked “Enter.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that. Just go through the damn doors, they both open whether you go in or out of them. Mental note… the exit gates totally opened up for him and he still chose to walk to the aforementioned “Enter” doors. Target customers might be as interesting to peep on as much as Walmart victims. Ok, ok, I’m pushing it. Nothing tops the Walmart crowd. 
But Riskier customers? At Target? Now, maybe, I’ve seen -or heard- people having sexual relations in a Target bathroom; But, that’s neither here nor there. Only speculation really. I’m a pervert. And so I hope for the mama jama gold mine find in that scenario though… I know. Issues. 
It’s quite possible though that I could have been acting just as odd at Target. 
And I’m a creep… I’m a Weirdo. Everybody sing! What the hell am I doing here? 
 I was the only child of a plug outlet trying to charge my dead phone. At the entrance doors. Or exit doors. Where did superman saunter off to? How normal did I look? Why is that guy staring at me? He was in the frozen section. On the escalators. By the dishes. And now sits across from me near some shopping carts. Just say hello you freak. Geesh. 
Well, my electronic leash has been fully charged and that is my cue ladies and gents. But I now have a new motto when I go to Target. When it’s time to get weird. Let’s get weird at Target. 
Ooo that can be a title for my array of pics… No? No. That isn’t that catchy either? No. Dammit. 

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