Correction Cow

Why don’t people have auto correct set on their computers? It’s so easy to do and while I’m typing away at my blog post, as much as I love hitting back space a million times over, selecting “ON,” auto correct  will do it for me… as I go. Seems easy enough, right? Yeah. I thought so too. However; it appears as though my friends, family, confidants, are none the wiser to this new age option. I’m letting you in on something right now. Peers, coworkers… If I have to work on your computer and you don’t have the spellcheck on button selected, I will change it. Am I violating your personal space on your computer? My bad. Get over it. Why would you, when typing a document, even want to hit the ABC spellcheck button manually? Do you enjoy the extra time it takes to get done what you have jotted down? I don’t enjoy the scenic route when I have million things to do. So don’t be alarmed when I change your options busters! Call me the CORRECTION COW. It is now part of my mission -LIKE I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TO DO- to help everyone operate more smoothly on their computers.  Stop manually having to go back through your documents for spelling errors! It takes to much time and isn’t necessary. Not to be an a**hole but there are advancements in technology, MADE, just for things like this! I think I’ve made my point. MOO.

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