For You, Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte, We Will Always Love You

I received an upsetting call last night regarding news of a friend, and fellow cast mate, whom had passed away. Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte was shot in the head by her husband and while she lay on the floor coughing up blood, he dials 911, but it was too late and she had perished. I want to dedicate my blog to her today, as her viewing is this afternoon and her funeral is tomorrow in Houston, Texas. I will not make this long but I want people to know how wonderful this woman was and elaborate on how she touched so many souls with her goodness.

Stephanie Kirkpatrick Politte was a special needs teacher and loved her work. A humanitarian to her core, her vivaciousness embrace on life was enthralling. Although she was soft-spoken when you first meet her, she would always make you feel important and loved through her tender words. Her humor was always right on time when you needed it. There were times when I’d come in to rehearsals, upset over what I was dealing with in my own home at the time and she would always say the perfect thing and make me giggle. She was an amazing and bright human being and her life should be celebrated. When we worked together at Company OnStage Theatre, we got to laugh and enjoy each others’ company. Probably one of the best cast and crew I’ve ever worked with when working on the production of The Wizard Of Oz, we shared many smiles and flubbed lines in rehearsals, I imagine I speak for the entire cast, that Stephanie had a zest for life and with beautiful energy, she blossomed like a perfect flower with each performance. Interacting with the crowd after each show, you can feel her love bursting from their enjoyment of our production. Stephanie knew how to engage others and despite the fact there were obvious troubles in her home, it proves there was nothing that would stop her from being the strongest, most powerful, gentlest woman,  I have ever been lucky enough to get to know. Rest in peace. We will miss you.


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