Rock with it, Lean with it…

The holidays are such an amazing yet strange time sometimes, aren’t they? People will cut you off in the mall parking lot then give you a hug at the ice skating rink! lol Anyway, I have family visiting me and its been wonderful! I can’t complain! (Escpecially since I get all this amazing food made for me!) VITA ITALIANNA!  I wake up to coffee brewing and a breakfast spread fit for a Queen and the smell of different types of cookies, cakes and pies being made are endless! Oh! AND, it’s my BIRTHDAY! YAY! 

 I’ve been a busy bee writing this album, checking off my checklist as I go… I’ve been having a blast and am very blessed! I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has pledged and become part of my new project! I love and appreciate you all! 
Also, Thank you for an amazing birthday dinner tonight! It was beautiful and memorable!

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