What a great week!

Gosh, this week just couldn’t get any better… could it? =D

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many positive personal things going on in my life right now. If you know me well, then you know that family is so important to me. I had a fairly decent childhood, no complaints, but there were most definitely some speed bumps that I’d prefer to keep to myself at this time. Let’s just say it all sort of went to hell in a hand basket around my preteen years… That being said, I’ve been fairly incredulous in making sure I secure an amazing childhood for my son. Although, he may beg to differ as any kid would do. Believe me, its been most definitely an uphill battle, as I have done it on my own since he was 2; But, I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Believe it or not, I feel I have a well rounded, highly intellectual child with-hopefully-my Ohio core value system. (Oh Geez… here I go with a ramble and a smile lol) i.e. Make good choices, treat people kindly, love unconditionally and leave a positive and humble impression on the world, go above and beyond for those you love, etc.

ANYWAY, this week, we have been lucky enough to spend some amazing quality and family time decorating the lawn, laughing over pizza and spilling love all over the damn place! HA! My heart is so quasi-filled in over-abundant juiciness right now, that is, at best… indescribable. I pray and hope that you all are having just as an amazing holiday as we have been thus far. I wouldn’t trade one bad experience that I’ve had in my life knowing what I am able to experience now. Know your blessings. Even the bad ones… because it will make the good ones that much more beautiful.


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