While looking for some files in an old hard drive, I stumbled upon some old modeling photos. How fun, right?! Gosh, these had to be taken at least four years ago…

Slow start for me today… but after a nice, much needed, mini-vacay it’s time to get back to reality! But, what’s a reality worth living without canoeing, hiking, family & friends, and, of course, vino… gosh, so makes me feel like the holidays cannot come soon enough! I try to soak in those tiny moments in life that truly mean the most and make life worth living! Everyone usually gets so caught up in their lives that they forget to treasure the important things… like, time, loved ones, romance, silliness, etc.

Anyway, great meeting today with management. Naturally, after a long weekend, its time to get back to business matters. So, back to rehearsals, and studio work. Had a great introduction today with an amazing artist and I am so excited to be working with him, I think we will be able to create something pretty enthralling! Talented people attract talented people! Can’t wait to Keep you posted on updates with that.

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