Selfies. Man-Selfies. Why do guys post selfies? I find it freaking weird. Nothing is weirder to me than when a guys send selfies to begin with. Selfies of themselves lying in bed. Selfie of the guy making a kissy face. Or trying to look sexy… Or the mamma jama of them all? Sending selfies of them laying in bed, making a kissy face, trying to look sexy; but then… to actually post that stuff? I mean, I can’t be the only one who thinks this is odd, right? Girls do selfies. Girls looks sexy, cute, sweet. I know what you might be thinking… it’s a little sexist to think that only girls can get away with the art of the “selfie”. We females have been practicing the art of the selfie way before the beginning of time! (Yes, I said beginning of time! If you think girls weren’t looking at their reflections in the ponds during the dinosaur age, guess again. Bet your ass they probably did!)… but, I really find it so creepy when a guy has sent me one. For example, a guy once sent me a selfie, that I didn’t want in the first place. I told him I wasn’t interested in dating him. (There were a plethora of reasons, nothing worth getting into) Anyway, he sent me a selfie of him  lying in bed, on a pillow with one arm over his head and I guess you would call them… “puppy dog eyes?” HA! I guess if I was into him I would have been like… aw, that’s so adorable… while cringing. But, NO. I wasn’t into him at all. So, I was more like WTF is this s***.

I had to ask, why the hell would he send me a pic of him, laying in bed, with puppy dog eyes, making a kissy face, with one arm up over his head in attempt to look dreamy. (I begged for someone to pinch me to wake me up… not the kind of “dreamy” I want from a dream. Matter of fact, call up the sandman because I’d hurt him for that. Worst prank EVER.) The biggest part of this loathing is the fact that they are not only sending these to us girls-making all these weird googly eyes, and kissy faces while lying in bed-buuut posting them… they are  posting these bedtime beauties online! I called out a friend of mine who did this very act of his own pillow-plunder and had to get answers! Why?! Did he wake up one day and think to himself, “hmmm, yes! Great idea! That’s it! Light bulb! I’m going to send her a seflie of me looking sad, or sweet, or… delicious? And, to further my humiliation, I’m going to post that pic to show her how sexy I am.” *sigh Let me turn off your light bulb for ya before any more of this f***ery continues…

Guys. Don’t take selfies of yourselves… laying in bed… making ANY kind of faces. It’s so not cute. Stay away from the pillow pics. Please refrain. Knock it off. And for the love of God! STOP, and Don’t post that “selfie” either!

It’s so weird.

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