I love working with different people in the studio. Its fun, it forces you to strip down your ideas and thoughts and bare your soul. You know, like when you have the naked dream. ha!  It reminds me of when your in high school and your put into groups with other kids you haven’t worked with before. Except here, everyone works in the group! You know there’s the kid who has to boss everyone around in the group. Oh, and let’s not forget the kids who work slowly on the project so it “appears” as though they’re working in the group. Or the kid in the group who clearly had a parent do their part of the project. And last but not least, there is always that one freaking kid who doesn’t do crap in the group. Ah… How I miss school.

Well, working with different producers, or other writers in the studio isn’t like that. Everyone works together and comes up with different ideas and concepts and its amazing to see how other people dig deep to find their own inspiration. I have my ways and I watch and observe how others find theirs. I am such a people watcher and love seeing what makes people tick. Some kids in the group delve into their past experiences. Other kids watch movies or gather data from other sources to get it. I tend to write as often as it comes to my mind. My brain never freaking shuts off though. (And I spend a lot of time alone… I may be an alien). Then there are the kids that take a walk outside to free their brains, maybe grab some pizza. And, some kids in the group just take a couple shots of tequila. Ah… How I love THIS school.

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