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Picture Perfect Meltdown

Bring it on, iPhoto photo album… Bring it on.

What started as a “hey, let’s add stuff to my website this morning…” Has basically turned into all out war with my iPhoto photo album. If I have to look at one more “untitled event,” I might scream. When iphoto downloads new photos from my phone it just automatically puts the pics into new, stupid ass, “untitled events.” Who’s making all that noise? Oh, it’s me, screaming. Nice. Focus. If you think these two items are unrelated… You’d be mistaken. Not about the banchee shrieks, the website and the photo album. Since, reluctingly moving  from a hosting site to a site hosted by, I’ve completely had to redo the pages. This is an obvious action to those who visit my website often; or even once in a while. A whole other story I’d like to ramble on about; But I’ll spare you that rant. I’m just reiterating the backstory for those who are new here. Hi newbies! And welcome. Back to the point… I hate doing it. #blah I won’t pay someone to do it. #self-starterproblems And it’s the most mind-numbing, time-sucking tedious task on the planet. #screwyoutimesuckingtask

Where the hell did this come from? Oh, “untitled events” Sucker. Photo Creation: Eddie from

So, there I am, looking at the widget choices on my (behind the scenes) appearance page and I’m wanting to add a youtube widget-to display one, just one, most recently posted video… Can’t find it. Bah. Fine. So I move onto adding some sort of rolodex. A rotating carousel of album covers-with which to display where my songs have been-you know out there in the world of music. Such a small request. Or so I thought. First of all, no rolodex. No carousel. Nothing to spin said merry-go-round of melodies. OK… I set that aside for the moment because I realize, as I’ve moved most of the pics I want to use here on my computer’s desktop, I notice that I’m missing a few. And so begins my scavenger hunt. Next thing I know, I’ve spent over six hours searching, deleting, and labeling pics and folders inside my damn iPhoto photo album. You gotta be kidding me. And you want to know what caught my attention that I’d been sitting there that long? I felt like I was going to die from starvation. I forgot to fucking eat. Yeah, that just happen. On the plus side, forgetting to gobble up some sustenance would aid in the weight loss chapter of my current daily routine. However, starvation is never good for those around me. I’d be a terrible anorexic. I’m mean. And I’m hungry. Too bad 911 doesn’t have a call button for a burger. 911? Yes. I’m dying of malnourishment. Could you send me a double-double from In-N-Out?

Six fucking hours. SIX! And you think I would’ve made progress? You’d be wrong. I stumbled upon the iphoto photo album’s trash can. Approximately 2,500 items in there. Dumped it. Yay!And, curiously, I checked the total photo count, now in the album. Are you sitting down for this? Over 7,600 items. Close your mouth. I know… Who the hell has 7600 photos in their iphoto photo album. *sheepishly raises hand “I do.” Needless to say, I never did get around to finishing that stupid carousel on my webiste. Thank you, iPhoto. Splitting up each download of pics to random and subsequent, untitled events? Genius.