Just because he’s an idiot, doesn’t mean I should give up all hope, right?

So, now, I’m back in the dating game. And believe me, these guys out here PLAY GAMES. I’m giving it an alternate approach though this time around. I’m not going to give two shits. I have a lot on my plate and I deserve the best because well… I work my ass off night and day to be the best at anything I do and therefore, require the same from any yokel that may decide to take a crack at dating me! Now, don’t misquote me. I’m not the type of all-knowing asshole that won’t give a poor guy a break but let’s just put this out there loud and clear. I am the type to tell you to get lost if you are jobless, car-less and hopeless. I’m not a shelter and I don’t take in strays. Fair enough? Right. So, that being said, when I say I’m not going to “give two shits,” I’m basically saying that I’m going to take a stance of caring less until I’m SHOWN by actions that I am cared for, looked out for and above all I find I am with someone that WANTS to be with me. (Did you hear violins? I could have sworn I heard violins.)

I’ve found that, as women, we tend to love hard even when we aren’t getting anything in return. We love even when we are being disrespected and treated poorly. Well, screw that! I’ve always wondered why I see the ‘bitches’ in relationships, while the nice girls are being pooped on and maybe these B’s are doing something that us nice girls aren’t. I don’t think it’s their bedroom acrobatics, or that they have the frog to prince smooching magic figured out but rather that they all commonly treat their beaus like tissue paper under their shoe. Its the condescending treatment they give their man-children: Get this, get that, no that’s wrong, buy me, I want, gimme, you’ll never amount to anything, when you stop being a loser I’ll marry your stupid ass and things of the like. I got to thinking… men like being treated like crap? This is what gets them to respond appropriately?

Well, while I won’t be treating a man like that any time soon, it’s certainly fun to think about! (Like, taking a lasso to my cowboy and drag him around by horse… teach him to bring my box of Godiva chocolates to me when I ask for them not when he “feels’ like it. Jerk.) Ok, not all dreams can be materialized. But, either way,  I’m sure Mr. Right is out there and I know he won’t be perfect. But, just because he’s an idiot, doesn’t mean I should give up all hope, right?

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