Keep going!!

Life can bring some unexpected surprises and test your perseverance; as well as patience. This last month has most definitely proved that for me! In an effort to finish up some projects I’ve been working on… a metaphorical tornado has formed itself, wrecking havoc on my personal life. We have had to relocate, and to say I’ve found solace and peace for the time being in this relocation process would be laughable. One should never allow themselves to be in a position of helplessness. Never being one to play the victim though, this too, I will overcome. The race continues as I pickup my big girl panties once again into overdrive and acquire the peace I desire around me. I can handle pressure, I can handle working around the clock, but I find myself in an exhaustive state when I am responsible for not only keeping up my responsibilities, work, appearances and keeping my child on track in his own life but also adding to this rigorous pace I travel a place to which we can finally call home. It isn’t fun trying to just survive. I’ve been “surviving” a large portion of my life and while I can handle issues fairly well, finding myself in survival mode once again is causing me to grieve of a life I may never find… Stability. Comfort. Strong family bonds. A Home.

If you find yourselves dealing with some pretty serious issues affecting your lives, I hope to inspire you to keep going. Keep fighting. I could choose to give up all of it and just deal with one problem at a time until it all comes together; But, what would that do? It could stagnate you… It could get you “stuck”…

Pick yourself up. Pull it together. And KEEP going!

I will say, keeping up with my positive nature. I’ve found a joy in reading some chick literature that has kept me laughing through these challenging days. If you can find the time, pickup “Confessions of  Shopaholic” and “Shoe Addicts Anonymous”. These two books offer up some fabulous junk food for the brain and a laughable twist on what – could be – real life dramas. But, funnier…

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