Hey guys and gals!

 With December about halfway through, its safe to say I’ve been up to some pretty amazing stuff, (which I’m sure you’re dying to read about, right?!)  …As you may you already know, I’m a COREmodel for the CORE DJS, one of the largest dj organizations in the world! And, I was invited to introduce myself with another dj organization, NERVE DJS, this week. Which I was welcome with open arms! It was great to meet DJs I haven’t met before and tell them about my music and where I hail from and why I do this music thing! And since I’m all geek-life in this video, take a gander at how I beautify the glasses! Oh yeah, you want this… haha Hey, some guys dig the nerdy look. HA! At least, I’d like to think so anyway… So, if you haven’t had a chance already, please shuffle your feet on over and watch the interview at:  www.pledgemusic.com/projects/ritaslanina! Good stuff!


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